Fallout raider

Unleash your post-apocalyptic style with these epic Fallout Raider cosplay ideas. Get inspired and create a captivating costume that will make you stand out in the wasteland.
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Raider armor (Fallout 3)

Raider armor pieces are clothing and armor items in Fallout 3. Worn by raiders, raider armor consists of scraps of clothing fabricated both before and after the Great War, armored with scavenged pieces of metal. Each variant of raider armor in Fallout 3 can be repaired using any of the other raider armors. The helmets can only be repaired with other copies of the same model; they cannot be used to repair each other. A bandolier is draped across the front of the apparently leather overshirt…

Ashley DeWitt
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Fallout Raider (Cosplay Overview)

So, I was able to finish my Raider costume just in time for the Youngstown Comic Con. I was up til 3 am the night (or morning) before the con, but it was so worth it! The convention itself was an amazing experience, and not just because I won best in show in the cosplay contest, but because I was surrounded by like-minded people who share my love of comics, movies and video games. As well as many people who share my passion of cosplay. Since I'm a horrible introvert, going to conventions…

Lincoln Jones