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Explore stunning fall leaves images that capture the beauty of autumn. Get inspired to embrace the season and create memorable moments with these captivating photos.
Harris Sisters GirlTalk: Come, Little Leaves Poem (includes link to fall foliage map) Autumn Day, Nature, Poems, Seasons Of The Year, The Meadows, Harvest Moon, Seasons, Fall Colors, Fall Harvest

If you're following along on our 100 Things to Do This Fall list, you might want to give number 75 a whirl soon. The fall foliage is starting to hit its peak in some areas. To check if the leaves will be particularly showy in an area near you, visit this fall foliage map. In the meantime, you can also enjoy this poem on the subject: This is the full text of the poem: Come, Little Leaves by George Cooper "Come, little leaves," Said the wind one day, "Come to the meadows With me and play; Put…

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