Excavator cake

Impress your little construction lover with a unique excavator cake. Explore top ideas to make their birthday celebration extra special with a delicious and fun cake.
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Excavator Cake

Sweet mommy J sent us a mail and got us to make this excavator cake for her little boy's party. She sent us pictures of his all time favorite toy and requested that we replicated it into cake! : ) The cake engineer husband had to build a frame just for this cake, and I am absolutely proud of his handiwork. Apparently, the party guests were totally blown away by our cake, and many could hardly believe that it was cake, until the cake was cut!

Ania Begazo
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How to make a 3D digger cake [Excavator cake]

We call them diggers, some people call them excavators, Richard Scarry called them power shovels. Whatever you call them, if you want to make a cake like the one below then you're at the right place. You will need: Flat serving platter - mine measured 33 cm x 33 cm (13 inch x 13 inch) 2 x 20cm square cakes Yellow Icing - I made a double quantity of Butter Icing from Edmonds cookbook, but had a lot left over White Icing - only need a little, I set aside about 1/4 cup of the butter icing…

Melody Barton