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Himba girl dancing, Angola

It was difficult to take this picture: because of the light, the flash, the fact that i was lying on the ground, etc, but the main one was that the girls stopped to dance everytime i tried to take the picture.I asked my guide why and i understood at the end of the dance: they do not wear any underwear! Himba tribe is famous is Namibia, but they also live in south Angola, crossing the borders without any visas (lucky people!). In Angola, most of them live in remote areas, far from the towns…

Tuk Tuk Tales
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Tuareg girl,Ghadamis Libya

Ghadames has a harsh climate, but the architecture and settlement pattern of the old city are designed to handle summer's heat and winter's cold. The houses are built of local mud brick, limestone, palm wood and lime, with thick walls, which retain heat in the winter and keep the interiors cool in the summer. The roofs of the houses are interconnected, and many of the streets are covered, allowing for increased shade, privacy, and security. During the day, only men are allowed in the…

American Viking

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