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Explore innovative architectural designs that prioritize sustainability and environmental consciousness. Discover how these ideas can shape a greener future for our planet.
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heavily inspired by the structure and organization of honeycombs, design studio gianluca santosuosso has introduced the 'hive - human-inclusive & versatile ecosystem', a shared living proposal for 2030.

Анастасия Автухова
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Ensure your proposal is eco-friendly with these 10 best sustainable architecture strategies for public buildings

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Environmental and Natural Resources II (ENR II), University of Arizona | Richärd Kennedy Architects; Photo: Bill Timmerman, Liam Fredrick, Marion Brenner | Archinect University Architecture, Environmental Architecture, Interior Courtyard, Natural Resource, The University Of Arizona, Apartment Architecture, University Of Arizona, Conceptual Design, Environmental Design

This LEED Platinum academic building is the centerpiece of the University of Arizona’s premier earth science and environmental research program. ENR II demonstrates a truly integrated holistic solution to sustainability, serving as a living and learning laboratory promoting interdisciplinary...

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Ivana Rajic
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The project is CAA's design scheme for the international competition "Iceland Aurora Station". Combined with the unique geographical environment of the volcanic region of Iceland, the traditional local construction technology of turf house is used to integrate the architecture with the landscape, respect the nature, integrate it into the nature, and reshape the new landscape.

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