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Explore a world of stunning embroidery designs with this must-have book. From beginner-friendly patterns to intricate masterpieces, find inspiration and unleash your creativity today.
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So, this journal didn't grow that big, after all. I really felt like wrapping it up, there was a strong sense of... fulfillment, so to say? All the works found their place inside the journal. I liked how they matched being paired up together and didn't want to drag it out anymore just to incorporate a couple of other old embroidery pieces that I didn't even have a vision for in this journal. Besides, I wanted to make a journal cover already, and check if my idea would work! :) And I think it…

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Introducing to you my new friend! :D As I've told you before, as soon the new patterns for beginners were complete I immediately ran to start a new embroidery journal – my new passion. Can say that with certainty now. You might wonder, why it is blue... ...and I don't know either, haha. It just came to my mind that I want to make a color-centered journal. The choice was between yellow, green, and blue, and the latter won. I didn't choose by any logic, though, it's just what I felt at that…

J a c q u e l i n e M
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The construction of the embroidery stitches sampler books is hard to describe for this crafts how-to. I hope the photos help and that I can effectively describe how I put them together and make sense instead of being clear as mud. If you click on an image, you will get a closer view. It will…