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American Symbols is one of my favorite social studies units to teach to first and second graders. I've rounded up my favorite, activities, books, and videos for teaching about American Symbols in this post. ActivitiesAmerican Symbols Bingo GameTo play this game, the teacher reads off a clue such as: "This building is on the back of the penny," and the students find the matching American symbol on their game board. Multiple clues are provided for each symbol so that your class can play again…

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Fun virtual field trips in the Social Studies classroom can make your lessons more engaging and content-filled! Try these suggestions!

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Water and land-form anchor chart for science. This chart helps students who are visual, understand what the land-forms look like. Science standards: 4. The Physical Setting, C. Processes that Shape the Earth. Grade 6: There are a variety of different land forms on the earth's surface (such as coastlines, rivers, mountains, deltas, and canyons). Anchor Charts, Montessori, Pre K, Science Anchor Charts, Teaching Geography, Elementary Science, Homeschool Geography, 4th Grade Science, Teaching Science

I am so excited to be hosting my *FIRST* linky party! Woot! So excited in fact, that I made it last ALL.SUMMER.LONG! LOL! Here’s the L.D.- I am obsessed with learning about how other teachers “do things” in their classrooms. It never ceases to amaze me how creative and different every teacher can be, even […]

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