Dry cleaning

Discover the best dry cleaning tips and techniques to keep your clothes looking fresh and clean. Learn how to remove stains, refresh fabrics, and extend the lifespan of your garments.
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My Rose Valley

Hi everybody. So this is the reveal. The glorious stripes turned into a bag for Nelly Bo. It will become her gym bag at school but as school finishes next week I guess it will become her shopping - beach - play bag instead. :D I found inspiration and tutorial here. I used up my scraps of cotton (DK weight on a 3mm/C-2 from My Rainbow Baby Blanket. It was fast and fun as I did this together with Nelly Bo. We worked treble crochet (UK)/double crochet (US) rows until desired height. I then…

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Household Chore Schedule

What to do When Would you do anything for your children? Sure, you would. As mothers we typically do our best for our family - take care of their needs. While talking to my newly married daughter about things in general, I mentioned my blog's new look and upcoming posts. She then asked if I would do a post on doing household cleaning chores. Both she and her husband work full time and they find, like we all do, that keeping the house in order can become a chore...and build up. We don't want…

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How To Clean Stuffed Animals | Apartment Therapy

How To Clean Stuffed Animals

Is it completely germophobic to be cleaning your kids’ stuffed toys every month? Of course, I’m asking for a friend of mine (wink)! I completely understand that our kids need to grow their immune system by being exposed to various degrees of bacteria, still, I can’t look at these toys and remain calm. It makes me cringe. Just like that tiny chalk mark the teacher used to forget to erase on the board back in school. Ok, there goes my free-spirit reputation!

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