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If you like the project then I would welcome any support like, comment, follow or on this account: paypal.me/BalazsSzonyi Stitch is a fictional character in Disney's Lilo & Stitch franchise. An illegally-made, genetically-engineered, extraterrestrial lifeform resembling a blue koala In the franchise's chronology, he was originally created by Dr. Jumba Jookiba to cause chaos across the galaxy. Stitch is marked by his mischievous behavior, which endeared him to Lilo, who adopted him as her…

Abby Clay
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snakes designed from bottom-up, to be printed quickly, flexible and strong. you will find 3 basic snake sizes: - super fast snake, - fast snake, - and long snake (check last image) which can be printed with : - 1 hour 35 min - 8g, - 2 hours 28 min - 12g, - less than 10 hours - 50g, thanks to fast print times and low filament usage you can print lots of snakes in short range of time. each snake can be scaled up as long as they fit in your printer. snakes can be scaled down to around…

Jane Leocadio
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Dragon bowl for anything. I like dragons and fairy tales in general. So the dragon was a clear choice ... at the same time I wanted something useful. So the combination of a dragon and a bowl seemed like a good idea to me. I've never worked in Selfcad before and when I didn't know something, they have good instructions on youtube. The dragon bowl was designed and uploaded with selfcad.com #selfcad # print-with-selfcad. | Download free and paid 3D printable STL files

Allison Ramos
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When Eliza from Honey’s Plant Climbers got in touch to talk about a product shoot, I got super excited. Everything about her products and branding appealed to me so I knew this shoot would be a lot of fun. My mind was instantly buzzing (pardon the pun) with ideas of how to present these gorgeous pla

Victoria Gavel
Filament dryboxes and alternative spool holders - not only for MMU2S - Original Prusa 3D Printers Filament Spool Holder, 3d Print Tools, Functional 3d Prints, 3d Printed Tools, 3d Printing Ideas To Sell, 3d Printed Stuff, Modele Impression 3d, 3d Printed Gifts, Cool 3d Prints

Nearly all Original Prusa i3 3D printers have a spool of filament placed in the original holder on the frame. This solution is trouble-free, practical, functional and mobile. However, if you want to print from special materials, which are hygroscopic, you...