DIY yarn garland

Add a touch of whimsy to your home decor with these creative DIY yarn garland ideas. Discover how to make beautiful garlands that will enhance any space in your home.
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This easy to make Yarn Pom Pom Garland Craft is so fun for tweens and teens and a great way to make inexpensive room or party decor!

Jo Harris
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Learn how to make a fall yarn tassel garland using fall-colored yarn tassels, wooden beads, and twine to make a garland. We recently made a beautiful yarn tassel garland using pastel-colored yarn - the perfect decoration for spring - and a rainbow tassel garland for summer! Today, we are going to make the garland counterpart for the fall season - we are going to use deep autumn-inspired colors to make a beautiful fall yarn tassel garland. Here's how to make one! How to Make a Fall Yarn…

Brooklyn Bell
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There are few very original ideas left in the world. But we can give the ones already done our own twist, right? Photos in my post about tassel necklaces made me see a really long tassel necklace on our staircase this holiday season. Like a garland of tassels! Instead of the traditional annual pine needle … Continue reading "Tassel Garlands"

Sara Lynne
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Time: 5 Minutes I am all about the yarn tassels these days. From earrings to home decor, tassels can be found just about anywhere. Not only are they pretty and fun but they are super simple to make. These DIY yarn tassels were made in 5 minutes and specifically to add to the corners of...

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