DIY Tooth Fairy

Make losing a tooth a magical experience for your child with these creative DIY Tooth Fairy ideas. Discover fun crafts, tooth fairy pillows, and more to add excitement to this special milestone.
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Creative Tooth Fairy Ideas & Traditions Your Kids Will Love

Tooth Fairy Ideas & Traditions for Kids + creative ways to give money and non money ideas. How to welcome the tooth fairy, where to leave the tooth and how to show evidence that the tooth fairy came.

Amber Hallaman
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Fairy Cut Out - 10 Free PDF Printables | Printablee

Fairy cut out printables offer a creative and engaging way for you to spark your childs imagination and improve their fine motor skills. By using these printables, your child can embark on a magical adventure, creating their own fairy-themed crafts and decorations.

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Get the kids excited for the tooth fairy to come with their very own Tooth Fairy Pillows! Choose from four different simple-to-sew patterns. Pirate, superhero, ballerina, or bear. There’s something for everyone! Each pillow has a tooth shaped pocket to hold your child’s tooth and the tooth fairy gift. Find out below just how easy it is to make your own adorable tooth fairy pillow. Plus, I created a free printable template to help you along the way. Click the link to get access before gett

Pris Perry

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