Diy boat seats

Upgrade your boat seats with these creative DIY ideas to enhance your comfort and style while enjoying your water adventures. Get inspired and start your next project today!
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18 Homemade Boat Upholstery Plans You Can DIY Easily

Is your boat upholstery ragged and rotten? Well, your boat is crying for help, and it’s high time you shower it with pamper and, not to mention, a good set of upholstery! But, upholstery is too expensive to afford! Yes, they can be. And we’re here to help. Read on to find out how you...

Liz Hagerman
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How to Build a Boat Bench Seat? - Guide for DIYers

DIY projects allow you to achieve the result that you desire. Utilizing your skills and artistic talents is related to this matter, and it’s also a way to save some bucks. With regards to this, many boaters can manage how to build a boat bench seat by themselves. You may have wood for building boat ... Read more

Greg Schneider
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Pontoon Boat Makeover

Well, I brought the pontoon boat home with intensions of pressure washing it and fixing a few of the torn cushions, buuuuuuttttt this happened instead!!!! As you can see in the before pics it definitely needed a good wash at least. The carpeting was pretty bad though and very slippery when it got wet. First thing I did was removed the seats. I just had to remove a few screws from each section to unsecure them from the floor. And then I ripped up the carpeting. It came up fairly easy except a…

Shacara Wasilieff
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17 Homemade Boat Seats Plans You Can DIY Easily

Put your heart and soul into maintaining your boat and preventing its accessories from water and weather; the damage is inevitable. Sooner or later, you’ll notice your seats old, dirty, and ragged, and it is only human to want to replace them. The bad news is that boat seat costs you hundreds of dollars! But...

Brandon Simpher