Dino eggs

Uncover the thrill of finding and hatching dino eggs. Explore top ideas to create a prehistoric adventure for dinosaur lovers of all ages.
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DIY Dinosaur Eggs Recipe - dinosaur party activity

I searched for the perfect DIY Dinosaur Eggs Recipe for ages before I decided to make my own! I don't know about you, but my little preschoolers are dinosaur lovers. Everything needs to be dinosaur themed: dino eggs, dinosaur chicken nuggets, dinosaur fossils, and Jurassic park theme songs rule my life. I knew I hit

Camryn Andersen
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We “DIG” Dinosaurs! Homemade Dino Eggs

You don't have any dinosaur-obsessed kids in your house, do you? I definitely do! He's 6' 1" and Lady calls him Dad. :) Because I married into a family where the favorite movie is Jurassic Park, dinosaur everything was a no-brainer. One of our first gifts as a married couple to my niece was a

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