Design your own planner

Take control of your schedule and design your own planner. Explore top ideas to personalize your planner and stay organized in style.
If store-bought planners aren't suiting your needs, think about designing your own! It's easier than you think! | How To Create Your Own Planner | Nail Swag, Design, Organisation, Reading, Create Your Own Planner, Organizing, Home Planner, Ultimate Planner, Work Planner

After my previous planner stopped meeting my needs, I set out to find a new one (more on that in the video below). Lots of research led me to the realization that I would have to create my own planner if I wanted one that would suit my needs exactly. So that’s what I did! [Continue Reading...]

candace cooper

Recently, I shared how I stay organized with my Day Designer planner. In the post, I talked about how I set monthly goals, write weekly reminders, and keep trac