Declutter living room

Transform your living room into a clutter-free oasis with these effective decluttering tips. Create a serene and organized space that promotes relaxation and comfort.
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7 Totally Normal Things Seem WEIRD with MINIMALISM! Thinking about some normal things that I used to do all the time, now seems weird as a minimalist. As we have become more and more minimal our habits have changed, in a good way! I can easily think of many ways our lives have changed, but here are 7 normal things that now seem weird to a minimalist. MINIMALISM | MINIMALIST | MINIMAL LIVING | DECLUTTERING | DECLUTTER

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After making New Year resolutions this year, I realized I wanted to make living with ADHD easier for myself — and that would mean reorganizing my apartment. I’m a full-time freelance creative and I live with a roommate in a small, two-bedroom apartment. The apartment functions as both a workspace and living space. For folks like me with ADHD, environments are extensions of the mind, so I wanted my space to better suit the way my brain works.

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