Daisy girl scouts

Engage and inspire your Daisy Girl Scouts with these fun and educational activities. Discover ideas to help them develop important skills and build lasting friendships.
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Earn Three Daisy Petals With a Girl Scout Tea Party

For Leaders Pressed for Time, Have a Girl Scout Tea Party and Earn Three Daisy Petals at Once *This post contains affiliate links. Upda...

Megan Jurkowski
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How to Earn Daisy Badges

I have been my younger daughter’s Girl Scout leader since 2008, when I started my troop of six little Daisy Scouts. Like many leaders, I felt a bit overwhelmed when I first started, even though I had been an elementary school and preschool teacher since 1987. My leadership training was practically non-existent, and the internet did not have many resources available. Every time I had a meeting, I had to create my own lesson plan on how to go about it. As a teacher for over three decades, I…

Stacy Kostoulas
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8 Activities for New Daisy Girl Scouts

If you’re leading a brand new batch of Daisies, these 8 activities will help them channel all that boundless excitement into the world of Girl Scouting.

Margaret McMurtagh