Daisy and violet hilton

Discover the fascinating story of Daisy and Violet Hilton, conjoined twins who defied societal norms and became entertainment icons. Explore their journey of resilience and triumph.
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Entertainers. Born in Brighton, England to Kate Skinner, an unwed serving girl, Daisy and Violet were conjoined, pygopagus twins joined at the hips and fused at the pelvis. They shared blood circulation but no major organs. Their mother rejected them and they were unofficially adopted by the midwife, Mary Hilton. The...

Lexi Z
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We don't do sideshows anymore, because we have the internet now. One of the saddest cases of a circus sideshow act was that of the Hilton sisters — conjoined twins who were beautiful, talented, exploited, and eventually forgotten. This is the untold truth of the conjoined Hilton sisters.

Cathrina D. Flynn
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Kermit the Frog sang that “It ain’t easy being green.” How about, “It ain’t easy being a conjoined-twin forced into a humiliating form of circus-slavery,” or “It ain’t easy having no limbs.” Being green is the least of these people’s worries. (In fact it might be nice to be culturally-beloved for a change.) At the turn of the last century, entertainment was a different species than it is today, having not T.V. or radio or action movies; you had to witness a living miracle in order to be…

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