Dairy free eggs

Discover mouthwatering dairy-free egg recipes that are perfect for those with lactose intolerance or a dairy-free lifestyle. Try these nutritious and flavorful dishes for a healthier you.
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This dairy-free frittata recipe is a quick breakfast or easy dinner option. Customize this egg dish with any colorful veggies, herbs, or add-ins you'd like depending on what's in season or on hand.

Brittany Muncy
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This Dairy-Free Frittata is filled with flavorful vegetables like bell pepper, spinach, and mushrooms. This healthy recipe is also made gluten-free. This is an excellent breakfast, brunch or lunch option with no milk or cheese.

Dianne Straub
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Creamy, healthy and easy to make, these delicious dairy free egg muffins are perfect for the whole family! Packed with hidden veggies and perfect for meal prep, they make for the best grab-and-go breakfast. Gluten free and freezer friendly.

Erin Anderson