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Enhance your style with stunning crystal opal jewelry. Discover the beauty of these iridescent gemstones and add a touch of elegance to any outfit.
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500 Pcs Opal Rough/Opal Crystal/Opal Raw Gemstone/Healing Opal/Opal Untreated Rough/Opal Polish Rough/ 3mm 5mm Approx

Stone Name : Opal Rough Origin : ETHOPIAN Color: AAA Weight Number Of Stone ; Luster : Excellent!!! Treatment : 100% Natural Unheated Size : 3mm 5mm Approx If you are looking for any specific size , or shape related to your project , please reach to us through private message. Drilling of any type not limited to Through Drill and Side Drilled can be done , please specify the drill hole size, We invite custom made orders for special assortment or specific size, We can also make finished…

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Fine Opals from Mexico and Australia- a Photo Gallery - Mardon Jewelers Blog - Custom Jewelry and Gem Industry News

We recently had the privilege to work with this wonderful group of gem opals in the 7 to 10 carat category. The top row are opals from Mexico, including the orange red Fire Opal, and the others from Australia’s famous Lightning Ridge and Coober Pedy fields. The term Fire Opal refers specifically to those Mexican […]

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9000 Pcs Top Quality Opal Rough Opal Raw Gemstone/Healing Opal/Opal Untreated Rough/Opal Polish Rough

The future is very bright for Ethiopian opals. They are becoming much more visible in the gem and jewelry market, and the gem-buying public is becoming aware of them. All of this has occurred without a major mining company or jewelry brand spending millions of dollars to promote them. They occur in a variety of translucent to transparent basecolors with vivid play-of-color in a variety of patterns. They currently sell for very reasonable prices when compared to similar-appearance material…