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Find the perfect crystal gift for your loved ones. Explore our collection of stunning crystal gifts that are sure to make a lasting impression.
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This Aries Crystal kit was created by choosing carefully chosen crystals that align with your Zodiac sign with the purpose of bringing positive energy into your life. Carry them in your bag or pocket, lay them beside your bed, mediate with them. Use your crystals as you desire. *Please keep in mind that the attached pictures show about what your order will look like, but since they are natural stones, they will vary in size and color. Whats included: - Citrine: Replaces negative energy with…

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This is a carefully curated list of incredibly thoughtful gifts for spiritual women and modern mystics. From crystal grids to energy cleansing kits and healing stone jewelry, this list of spiritual gift ideas features the best of it all. #giftsforspiritualwomen #mysticalgifts #witchygifts

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Enjoy a surprise Crystal Mystery Box from Peach & Pine Crystals! Each surprise crystal gift box contains an assortment of various minerals and crystals from our store, plus some fun surprises. These delightful sets are perfect for gifting; birthday gift, anniversary gift, or other holiday gift! In each mystery box, you'll find crystal towers, raw stones, crystal specimens, carvings, crystal beaded bracelets, and more. We absolutely love putting these mystery boxes together for you and we…

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Read this zodiac crystal gift guide to create your own beautiful crystal gift basket and gather new crystal gift ideas! Make a personalized crystal gift and surprise your friend, mom, or anyone you love! We made sure these crystals genuinely resonate with each zodiac sign so you could create a DIY crystal gift set that will enhance a person's strengths, help overcome weaknesses and make them more mindful. Align your spiritual gifts with the stars and surprise your loved one today!