Crown Template

Design and make your own stunning crowns with our crown template. Discover a variety of crown designs and unleash your creativity to craft unique crowns for parties, costumes, or special occasions.
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SIQUK 27 Pieces Golden Paper Crown Party Gold Crowns Hats King Crowns for Party and Celebration

3 styles and plentiful quantity - package including 27 pieces paper crown hats, convenient for share and replace; designed with 3 styles, 9 pieces for each style, you can share different crown hats with your friends in the party Crown sizes - the length of 2 kinds crown expansion is 61 cm, the height is 9 cm; the other kinds of crown’s expanded length is 59cm, the apex is 9.5 cm; all kinds of them are suitable for both kids and adults Easy to use - thoughtful design made your installation…

Manole Beatrice Damaris

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