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Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of crimson skies. Discover stunning landscapes and captivating sunsets that will leave you in awe. Witness the magic of nature's paintbrush.
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Crimson Skies Fan Art: Fairchild F611 Brigand, Lauren Herda

"The Aerodex" is a testament to my profound fascination with zeppelins, pulp stories, alternate histories, and "Crimson Skies". As I honed my artistic and 3D capabilities over the years, this project served as a lighthouse, inspiring me to reinterpret the game's emblematic aircraft and artwork. After numerous self-promises of "I'll do it eventually," I've at last brought to life a piece dedicated to the F611 Brigand. This aircraft holds its ground next to the P21-J Devastator as one of the…

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Crimson Skies Fan Art: Hughes P21-J Devastator, Lauren Herda

"The Aerodex," is a project born from my passion for zeppelins, pulp narratives, alternate histories, and "Crimson Skies." As my art and 3D abilities have grown over time, this project has remained a consistent beacon, guiding my endeavors to reimagine the iconic aircraft and artwork from the game. After years of "I'll get to it someday," I've finally created a piece dedicated to the P21-J Devastator, which stands next to the Brigand as one of the two most iconic planes of the game. See more…

Mauricio Trueba
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Hughes P21-J Devastator

The Hughes Aviation P21-JMK11 Devastator outperformed every combat aircraft in speed, armament, and maneuverability, when it was first released. Although it is now dated, it is still used as a fighter-bomber, where its lack of speed can be overcome by its agility and firepower.[1] The original Mk I Devastator was a concept model, created by Hughes Aviation, to demontrate the effectiveness of the pusher configuration as applied to combat aircraft. Although lightly armored, the Mk I was a…