Creepy animals

Explore the world of creepy animals and get ready to be amazed and frightened. From eerie insects to spine-chilling reptiles, these creatures will leave you in awe.
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Congratulations, you've lived through toilets with threatening auras. But we can't let you go that easy, no no. Prepare yourself, it's time for intimidating animals. I'm talking about toads that look like they're about to take over the world and creepy crows turning on the chainsaw. Edgar Allan Poe would definitely approve of these pics. Scroll down, take a look at the animals with the most threatening auras, and try not to squeak!

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Whilst we were roaming the internet, we bumped into a page on reddit that contained some really funny, peculiar, clever and sometimes scary animal mashups. Enjoy... The Crocobear. Press the Image to Enlarge it. Pygmy Marmowolf. Press the Image to Enlarge it. Fareobin. Press the Image to Enlarge it. A Baby Penguitten. Press the Image to Enlarge it. The Bearson. Press the Image to Enlarge it. The Bunpaca. Press the Image to Enlarge it. Lizog. Press the Image to Enlarge it. Goth. Press the…

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This is a series of quick creature that I've been painting lately and posting on my instagram, @bonekrishna. I wanted to see how far I could take a creature painting in 1 hour and a half to a maximum of 2 hours. So I started paintings this silly weird creatures! I also recorded some of the paintings and made some very rudimentary timelapse videos. These aren't as polished as I usually like my paintings to be, but they were fun to paint and I hope you like it as well!

Jordan Hoffman