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Trifon's Beer Labels Fuse Fairy Tale Imagery With A Rugged Perspective | Dieline - Design, Branding & Packaging Inspiration Beverage Packaging, Craft Beer, Packaging, Design, Beer, Perspective, Inspiration, Beer Label, Design Awards

Beer already has a sense of toughness that brings out the most rustic side of all drinkers. Yet, Novikov Design’s packaging for Trifon elevates the sense even further. The rugged yet fairy-tale-inspired illustrations paired with organic color palettes create an immersive experience that lends the packaging to a historical, emotional space. The illustrations bring this […]

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HUMAN’s packaging design for Malachela Brewery reflects a dedication to capturing the unpretentious charm of beer culture, fostering effortless connections. By introducing a cast of charming characters into the design, the packaging adds a playful touch to the overall ambiance. The Malachela monogram, inspired by the top of a beer can, serves as a subtle […]

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