Counting money activities

Make learning fun with these interactive counting money activities for kids. Discover creative ways to teach kids how to count and manage money effectively.
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Activities to Practice Counting Coins 5 comments Freebies, math, math games, Money Money is one of my favorite math topics. Maybe it's because it lends itself so easily to hands-on learning. In second grade, most of the money activities we do are centered around counting combinations of coins. Rather than spend a few weeks covering this skill and then moving on, I make a point of revisiting it as often as I possibly can throughout the school year. Here are a few of my go to activities. Be…

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Making learning fun is important for older kids too! No one wants to sit around doing flash cards and worksheets all day. These hands-on activities for elementary-aged students are a great way to get kids excited about learning! Free Printable Money Game for Kids: Counting Coins Acorn Addition Facts Memory Game Free Squirrel and Acorn ...

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This post contains affiliate links to products I recommend. Read my full disclosure statement. Learning to add money, make change, and compare money amounts are skills that are coming up in our money unit. I've been working on putting together lots of fun games and engaging opportunities to practice. Here are some money activities for second grade

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