Cottage front garden

Transform your front garden into a charming cottage oasis. Explore top ideas to create a picturesque and inviting entrance to your home.
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Welcome to my first blog post, where I invite you into the enchanting world of Cottage Style gardening. In my classic cottage garden, I embrace an informal, free-flowing style that combines annuals, perennials, shrubs, and vines in delightful arrangements. I fill my garden with various heights starting with edging plants such as nepta, cranesbill geraniums,

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A little lesson in how to get an English Cottage style garden. Skip right to the English Cottage Garden Tips. I was walking down my street the other day on one of the rare May afternoons that didn't require wearing a wind protection helmet, and it started all kinds of awkward feelings inside of me. ...Read More

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Courtesy Things I Like "The Pickety Fence" by David McCord* The pickety fence The pickety fence Give it a lick it's The picket fence Give it a lick it's A clickety fence Give it a lick it's A lickety fence Give it a lick Give it a lick Give it a lick With a rickety stick Pickety Pickety Pickety Pick *Reprinted in A New Treasury of Children's Poetry, selected and introduced by Joanna Cole, Doubleday 1984 Celebrate National Poetry Month!

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