Costco chocolate chip cookies recipe

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The key to making big, thick bakery-style chocolate chip cookies isn't in secret ingredients or tricky techniques-it's actually just a matter of shifting the ratios of your ingredients a bit. These dense, thick, decadent cookies have less sugar and more baking powder than your standard chocolate chip cookies, which helps inhibit the cookies' spreading during baking.

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I love chocolate chip cookies. I don't know how you can not like them. Flour, sugar and butter with chocolate chips, what's not to like? Tragically, I do know one person who doesn't like them. I've seen her pick all of the chocolate chips out of a cookie and just eat the cookie part. What a sad, sad

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Do you guys love Costco as much as I do? I was already on board when I learned about their employment practices, and then when they announced their sustainability practices I was 100% sold. Lately though, as they expand their vegan, organic, and fair trade selection, our love affair has gotten way more serious. My

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