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Journey Kitchen |How To Make The Everyday Indian Flatbread - Roti/Chapati Naan, Tart, Yemek, Kage, Eten, Koken, Bakken, Makanan Dan Minuman, Backen

On the weekends, I would often wake up late to the sound of Ammi saying utho roti banao which meant 'wake up and make some bread'. I would lazily get out of bed, excited about getting fresh hot, ghee crisped roti drizzled with honey and thick cream to go with my chai, not as much about making roti. Ammi always neatly ties her hair and covers it with a head scarf while making any bread. It is roti among all food that deserves utmost respect, she says. I often marvel at how bread has such…

Jessica Madson
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A homemade meat sauce with spaghetti is a delicious and cozy weeknight meal to prepare. While this sauce is not a traditional Italian recipe, it’s packed with flavor and is easy enough to make any night of the week or special enough for the weekend. Swirl a serving on a plate and watch the family come running to devour this sauce!

Laura Brannigan-Richard