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Explore the world of contemporary embroidery with these modern and chic ideas. Add a touch of creativity to your projects with these inspiring designs.
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Information 061. Manoela Grigorova / Mojo and MuseViola Two Hand Embroidery:Embroidery floss, silk thread, seed beads on canvas Dimensions: 30 x 30 x 6 cmPrice: £375 Artist Statement Manoela Grigorova is an emerging, intuitive artist exploring bold colours and contrasting textures through working with mixed media and embroidery. Originally from Bulgaria, she now resides in ...

Craft With Conscience: Nadia Nizamudin — Sarah K. Benning Contemporary Embroidery Textile Art, Embroidery Designs, Design, Hand Embroidery, Mixed Media Collage, Collage, Contemporary Embroidery, Textiles, Modern Embroidery

Nadia Binti Nizamudin is a visual artist, working primarily with textile painting, embroidery, and mixed media collage. Her artwork focuses on found, reclaimed or recycled materials and is always represented by bold and bright colors. Both her collage and textile painting carry narratives around los

Kiri Bun
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There are hundreds of embroidery stitches in the world. Some are simple, and some – are more complex. Some embroidery stitches are made for outlines, while others work best for borders or lettering. Also, there are many stitches for filling. We might group filling stitches by how much surface they cover and how much fabric […]

Èmala Droite
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When I think of crafts, I picture these weird-looking items floating on Etsy like eternal shipwrecks that rise to the surface every time you genuinely need something. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with pursuing your hobby, but it’s a whole different story if you’re trying to make money out of something you wouldn’t buy yourself. Hence, there’s an entire craft-shaming movement that humorously mocks such instances.

Ellen Persyn