Community helpers preschool crafts

Explore fun and educational crafts related to community helpers for preschoolers. Encourage creativity and teach children about important roles in their community.

FREE printable Paper Hats that kids can color and wear when learning about community helpers, occupations, or when doing dramatic and pretend play. Great for preschool and kindergarten!

Grab these free printable community helper hats and get suggestions on ways to use them in the classroom or at home.

Grab 11 free printable community helper hats for jobs including Firefighter, construction worker, police officer, chef, nurse, mail carrier, soldier, and more. What a great send-home activity!

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Over 100 Ideas for yoru Community Helpers Theme including crafts, science activities, math, and more for kids of all ages.

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Preschool is a great time to introduce young learners to their alphabet letters and their sounds! Preschoolers will enjoy engaging in hands-on activities that help them learn their letters and how to write them. If you choose to do a letter per week, there are many options for teaching letter recognition and letter sounds. Because …

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I found a cute pin on Pinterest for my community helpers unit. I thought it would be a great activity for MATH. Yes, MATH! I created a FREEBIE that can be used during your community helper unit for your math block. You can cut out the shapes yourself out of construction paper or you can print the templates on various colors have have your kiddos cut them out. The wheels can be printed on white and then colored black or you can cut out the wheels yourself. How cute!? If you wanted to add more…

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