Color harmony

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How was color theory, or harmony used in vintage fashion? During the flapper era in 1928, this charming booklet was published to show women how to select personal colors based on their hair and skin tones. This booklet has several wonderful color illustrations to show exactly what fashion colors a girl should choose to look her best. This color wheel is the reverse side of that page shown above. By turning the color wheel, various dress colors appear in that illustration. Here on the back…

Gedankenstille im Tropenlich - Ausdrucksstarker Blick, Dekoratives Element, eitgenössische Kunst, Farbenspiel, Innere Ruhe, Kunstvolles Portrait, Melancholie, Moderne Einrichtung, Poster, Stilvolles Poster, Tropenmotiv Inner Peace, 24x36 Poster, Color Harmony, Modern Aesthetics, Poster Making, Printed Materials, Peace Of Mind, Dark Wood, Poster Frame

Discover "Silence of Thought in Tropical Light", a masterful work of art that combines both depth and color harmony. This poster captures the tranquil reflection of a moment amidst lush tropical flora, with the delicate tones and delicate portrayal of the subject creating an atmosphere of melancholy and inner peace. Perfect for modern living spaces, this work of art offers a visual retreat and is a statement of modern aesthetics. SEO optimized for art lovers who want to add a touch of…