Collar stays

Discover a range of stylish collar stays to keep your shirts looking sharp and polished. Upgrade your wardrobe with these essential accessories for a dapper and put-together look.
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The dress shirt collar stays serve a purpose. They keep your collar points pointed, ensuring the collar looks clean, crisp, and pressed. They come in a wide variety of materials and designs. I even own a pair of magnetic ones that keep my collar points exactly where I want them! Unfortunately, the problem with collar…

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Diary of a Chain Stitcher : How To Add Collar Stay Slots to a Handmade Shirt Couture, Ponchos, Homemade Shirts, Sewing Collars, Shirt Tutorial, Sewing Tops, Sewing Shirts, Tailoring Techniques, Sewing 101

After I posted about the striped shirt I made for my stepdad a few of your expressed interest in a tutorial about how I added the slots to the underside of the collar to house collar stiffeners/bones/stays. So I've put a quick one together for you. I worked out how to do this by looking at a RTW shirt which had this feature and it's surprisingly quick and straightforward! It's my very first attempt at a tutorial so I apologise if any of my explanations don't make complete sense. Feel free to…

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