Coffee packaging ideas

Discover unique and innovative coffee packaging ideas that will make your brand stand out. Elevate the presentation of your coffee products and attract customers with these creative packaging solutions.
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Nitid Studio Packaging Design for Acashia Coffee - World Brand Design Society

Acashia is a coffee company founded in 2020 by two young coffee lovers. This couple from Virginia, had traveled to Colombia a few years ago and were fascinated with the taste of the coffee.

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Ethical Mantra Coffee Brand and Packaging Design by Veesion - World Brand Design Society

Mantra Coffee is a brand new coffee company that sells exceptional, direct-sourced coffees which are roasted daily and will be sold online. Mantra is crafted with a deep respect for the earth and its patterns, the people and their persistence, the beans and their energy. Mantra aims to bring excellence to each step of the process, every […]

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