Cocktail mixers

Elevate your cocktail game with these delicious mixer ideas. From classic favorites to unique blends, discover the perfect mixers to create your favorite cocktails and impress your guests.
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Not sure what basic mixers to stock on your home bar? Read on to see the essential cocktail mixers to keep on hand that will allow you to make a bunch of quick and easy cocktail recipes. I like to keep my home bar small so everything I use needs to make a lot of different drinks. With my suggestions and your taste preferences, you'll be able to have all the right mixers to make drinks you'll love.

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A well-stocked home bar isn’t just about the booze. Mixers add flavor, sweetness, and effervescence to drinks and are actually essential ingredients in classic cocktails. They’re also inexpensive and something you can offer to someone who chooses to go the non-alcoholic drink route. Here are three essential mixers, plus two other favorites, that I like to always have on hand. With these guys around, I just need to add some booze to make simple but delicious drinks.

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