Cleaning new house before moving in

Get your new house sparkling clean before moving in. Follow this comprehensive checklist to ensure every nook and cranny is spotless, creating a fresh and inviting space for your family.
Southern Mom Loves: Tips to Get Your New Home Clean Before You Move In + a Printable Checklist! Popular, Home Décor, Home Improvement Projects, Organisation, House Cleaning Checklist, Move Out Cleaning Checklist, Move Out Cleaning, Cleaning Checklist, Clean House

Moving Day is not something I ever look forward to. The amount of work to do when you move house can be staggering; Switching or turing on utilities, phone, cable, internet, and mail, cleaning out both the new home and the old, and then there's the actual moving and unpacking. Sheesh! Since we just put our house on the market and hope to be moving back home soon, I wanted to share some tips for getting your new home sparkling clean before you move in. These tips can also be used to clean out…

Jo-Ann Brightman