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Parts of a circle poster! Print and hang in your geometry classroom! Great math anchor chart for middle and high school classrooms! #geometrygal #geometry #middleschoolmath #highschoolmath #highschoolgeometry  #secondarymath #geometrylessons #mathanchorch Math Posters High School, Geometry Classroom, High School Classrooms, Math Anchor Chart, Parts Of A Circle, Circle Poster, Geometry Lessons, Geometry High School, Math Charts

Parts of a Circle Poster

This parts of a circle poster displays the parts of a circle: center, diameter, radius, chord, secant line, tangent line, point of tangency, arc, and sector. It also shows the definitions and formulas for circumference and area of a circle. Printing: This poster is designed to be printed as a 24" by 36" poster. If you have Adobe Reader (free to download), then select the "poster" option when printing. Your poster will be printed on multiple 8.5"x11" pages that can be put together as a…

Lindsay Bowden • Secondary Math