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Discover proven strategies to effectively manage your special education classroom. Create a positive and inclusive learning environment for all students with these top ideas.
A consistent classroom routine can be key to classroom management! Check out this schedule for a special needs pre-school class! Pre K, Classroom Ideas, Organisation, Classroom Setup, Montessori, Classroom Daily Schedule, Classroom Schedule, Classroom Routines, Special Education Classroom

...I was only 7 when that song came out, but either way, you're now reading this title with the tune to that song. #missionaccomplished I frequently get asked on comments or through messages what my daily routine looks like in the classroom. I love seeing daily schedules. When creating the perfect schedule and routine for your classroom, you need to bounce around some ideas and suggestions. And where else better to get those suggestions than from other teachers?! In most grade levels you…

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If there is one I have learned in my years of working with paraprofessionals, it is that paras are teachers too. My paraprofessional is my right hand and my left hand. She is the glue that keeps us together. I realize that sometimes it is our first instinct to give them passive work because their

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Over 20 interventions, strategies, and supports to help teach attention skills to kids and young adults. Being able to focus and pay attention is a requirement for learning! Use these activities to help students with ADHD and ALL learners improve focus while improving your classroom management. Try attention grabbers, setting a timer, using fidgets, implementing flexible seating, and more. This is for regular education AND special education needs! #adhd #pathway2success School Psychology, Adhd, Executive Functioning, Social Emotional Learning, Teaching Strategies, School Social Work, Help Teaching, School Counseling, Special Education Classroom

Challenges with focus and attention can become a huge roadblock to learning for kids and young adults. Simply put, attention is critical to learning. If students can't focus on the lesson, they are going to struggle with understanding the new content. If students can't focus on the directions, they

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A color coded classroom isn’t just for the looks, it helps make a classroom extremely functional! Not only does it help staff locate things quickly, but it also allows students take ownership of their own supplies! Color coding is a win-win for all. Below, I’ve compiled a list of ideas of our favorite ways to

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Are you gearing up for back to school? Don't worry! I'm going to walk you through 4 must dos for the first day of school.

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