Church Stage Design

Transform your church stage with these creative design ideas. Enhance the worship experience and engage your congregation with captivating visuals and decorations.
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Powerful Parallels - Church Stage Design Ideas

Greg Culbertson from Hope City brings us this great LED light tube look-alike design that is super versatile depending on the lighting colors used. From Greg: Seeing many mega churches with the standing light tubes gave me the inspiration for this design. Being a smaller church we couldn’t purchase lights to achieve that look, we […]

Wendy Chacon
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LED Lines - Church Stage Design Ideas

Christopher Palazini from Black Rock Church in Fairfield, CT brings us this great LED tape design, nestled inside PVC homes. From Christopher: We installed this for a period of only eight weeks, but kept the infrastructure (wiring, power supplies and LED controllers) in place for whatever else we may come up with….which happened at Christmas. Forty sections […]

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Deco Shapes - Church Stage Design Ideas

Abby Barras Interiors from Area 10 Faith Community in Richmond, VA brings us this great live-streaming setup. From Abby: Like most churches this past year, ours took an unanticipated leap (further) into the digital world on March 15 when we began livestreaming our services. We were fortunate to have a great crew of volunteer audio and visual […]

Ben Hartford
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Coroplastered Walls - Church Stage Design Ideas

Mike Meeks from FUMC Arkadelphia in Arkadelphia, Arkansas brings us this Coroplast design. From Mike: We took our inspiration from The Long Weave. We had pallets for the past 4 years and decided it was time for a change. At the very beginning, we found out that running the horizontal wouldn’t work, so we changed to run […]

Less Vega
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Lines in the Back - Church Stage Design Ideas

Chris Kelly from Radiate Church in Columbia, South Carolina brings us this great LED tape set. It’s just LED tape. They used a laser level to ensure everything was symmetrical and evenly distributed. They also used plastic cable runners to hide the Cat5 cables and then painted them the color of the wall so they’d […]

Ben Worley

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