Chicken with olives

Explore a variety of mouthwatering chicken recipes that feature the rich flavors of olives. Discover how to add a savory twist to your meals with these easy and flavorful dishes.
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Chicken with Olives and Capers is an easy dinner idea that cooks quickly, and this is delicious and super low in carbs! We used black olives, green olives, red onion, and capers with Dijon mustard and lemon juice in the sauce, but the variations are endless, so adapt it to your own preferences. [found on] #ChickenOliveCapers #ChickenWithOlivesCapers #EasyChickenRecipes

Kalyn's Kitchen

Green olives, tomatoes, shallots, fresh thyme, white wine and plenty of garlic create a deeply fragrant, flavorful base for this delicately date-sweetened braised chicken Provençal.