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Discover budget-friendly tiny house ideas that will help you create your dream home without breaking the bank. Explore top designs and innovative solutions for maximizing space in a small footprint.
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My guest today is Rob Greenfield, and Rob is not a conventional kind of guy. He’s currently living in a tiny house that he built with 99% repurposed materials. He doesn’t have running water in the house, and his current project is called food freedom. He’s growing and foraging for 100% of his food for

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There’s no better feeling than setting foot inside your home, sweet home after a long day. Beware, the king (or the queen) of the house is back! Imagine: there’s one lucky family that runs a whole kingdom of houses with a teeny-tiny nuance. The Brinks family owns 6 houses, each one only 160 square feet in size, that look as if Dad from Honey, I Shrunk the Kids had shrunk their home instead.

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Tiny homes have become a trend all over the world as people are becoming more focused on helping the environment and living a more eco-friendly minimalist type lifestyle. These types of habitats are found on large pieces of land, and some developers have even started tiny home communities. Tiny Homes and DIY home kits are

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