Cheap chicken fence ideas

Create a safe and secure space for your chickens with these affordable fence ideas. Find top ideas to protect your flock and keep them happy in your backyard.
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Fence and Simple Gates - Removes Easily for Gardening - Andie's Way

This fence removes easily to allow access to your garden beds. My 75 ft fence with 5 gates cost less than $100. It is made of 28 inch rabbit fencing, 3 ft metal garden posts, 1 x 2 inch furring strips, and simple eye hook gate latches. Simple double gate When designing my garden I knew a fence would be necessary because of my friend, Bessie May. Now Bessie is not a dog who jumps fences. She is well-mannered so this fence keeps her out of my garden. It's not sturdy enough to keep out a…

Angelina Litaker