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Discover the best ways to charge crystals and unlock their full potential. Enhance your crystal collection with these effective charging techniques for optimal energy and healing.

How to Care for Your Crystals Did you know that some crystals are not water-safe or sun-safe? This is important to know so you can prevent damaging your crystals accidentally. It can also help you choose the correct methods of cleansing and charging for your crystals. Cleansing or washing certain crystals in water can cause

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Healing and transformational crystals, handmade gemstone malas and mindful products to enhance your life. Our organic herbal products are infused with crystals and crystal energy. Everything is handmade in small batches. Raise your vibration, awaken to your true self and heal from within!

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(the mind unleashed) My house has a crystal collection that is expanding at a really nice rate of magnetic greatness! And if you have crystals… you need to keep them plugged in and fueled with the energy of the Earth. That's where they come from, so it makes sense that they need to stay bathed in nature and pure Earth energy to bring the best energy to your space! My favorite method these days: moonlight during full moons. And I have many others not included on this basic and yet excellent…