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This walked into a bar jokes post contains affiliate links… I have debated many times on whether or not to share my favorite walked into a bar jokes here on Deb Runs. I decided to go for it – go big or go home, right? The reason I’ve debated is because not a single one of these jokes is mine. Zero. Zilch. Nada. They’ve all been told to me, emailed to me, shared on my Facebook timeline, etc. by friends who know I love a good corny joke. Several years ago I decided to organize all of those…

Linda Smith
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Over the years, I've talked with many comic artists, and many find the issue of putting a whole idea into just four panels to be the most challenging. Now imagine quadrupling this challenge, and putting the same idea into just one panel. Most comic artists would despair, but Dave Blazek would feel like a fish in the water because it's the thing that he does best. The brilliant cartoonist has years and years of experience doing syndications for The New Yorker and other prominent magazines…

Christine Willich