Candy desserts

Indulge in the ultimate sweet treat with these mouthwatering candy desserts. From chocolate-covered delicacies to fruity delights, discover a variety of irresistible recipes to satisfy your cravings.

Sweet and juicy on the inside and perfectly crunchy on the outside—Crack Grapes are a perfect appetizer and a grab-and-go snack. They are super easy to make, so it is a fun way to spend time with your kids. Give it a try today and you won’t be disappointed.

Tiff Stephenson

This 3-ingredient jello roll ups recipe is fun for kids to help with, and even more fun to unroll. Choose whatever colors you want to make!

Tammy Depew

Whip up a batch of this easy 3 ingredient Cool Whip Candy for the holidays, as a gift for a friend of just to treat yourself. Copycat 3 Musketeers recipe!

Diana Player

S'mores Cookie Bars are layered with graham crackers, cookie dough filled with marshmallows, and topped with chocolate bar pieces. It's an ooey gooey melty chocolate s'mores treat!

Ashley Foster Okel