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Unlock the magic of candle spells to manifest your desires. Discover powerful rituals and techniques to attract positivity, abundance, and love into your life.
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The Secret Book of Gypsy Magic: Spells from My Ancestors

This book is a treasure trove of spells and rituals passed down from a remarkable ancestor, my great-great-grandmother Lucretia. Known for her deep connection to the mystical and her vibrant green eyes that seemed to hold centuries of knowledge, Lucr...

Karen Hoffman Wagner
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Green Candle Magic: Rituals & Spells

The flame of a green candle encourages us to improve ourselves in personal projects such as studies, work, and self-growth. It can also ground and connect us to Earth, manifesting youth, fertility, and abundance in both spiritual and material planes. Go to Green Candle Spells Candle Magic Guided Meditation Light a green candle during this...

Kirstie Gehl
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How to Dress a Candle for Spellwork — Cassie Uhl

Candles are included in spellwork, and there’s a reason why. Fire magic is powerful — it can help transform energy, focus your desires, send intentions into the universe, burn away what you want to release, and more.Candles are powerful on their own, but dressing a candle for spellwork can help ampl

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