Butterfly on flower

Explore stunning photography ideas capturing the beauty of butterflies on flowers. Get inspired to capture mesmerizing moments of nature in your own backyard.
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Another capture of a Monarch Butterfly feeding on a flower at the English Gardens... The trick I find with trying to get these shots of the butterflies is to get them on a flower that will allow you to have a decent background that will not pull your attention away from the main subject.. such as this shot here, where i focused on a flower that stood above the rest and just waited for the Monarch to come to it... which he eventually did.... Please press "L" to see the larger lightbox version…

Leander McNeely
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Every time I get the itch to make some Stained Art (the technique I invented back when we were rehabbing this buffet), I always want to try doing something different. Sticking with stained flowers is such a SAFE choice, because I know I'm good at doing flowers! I'm COMFORTABLE doing…

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Butterfly photography is a great way to capture the color and grace of these incredible creatures. Combining the right techniques to shoot butterflies with the right tips to find them gives you the best chance of getting the best butterfly shots.

Alex Nelson