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Old European cut vs the modern round brilliant diamond - description plus short video Diamond Chart, Diamond Template, Gem Drawing, Jewel Drawing, Crystal Drawing, Jewelry Knowledge, Sketches Of Love, Art Jewelry Design, Jewellery Design Sketches

Many beautiful older diamonds are cut to different proportions than modern round brilliants, which makes them a challenge to grade according to modern cut conventions. This article describes how the GIA accommodates these historic gems.

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Facet Design of a Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Diamond Infographic, Jewelry Findings Guide, Diamond Chart, Diamond Size Chart, Jewelry Facts, Jewel Drawing, Crystal Drawing, Jewelry Knowledge, Faceted Design

Our Brian Gavin Signature Round Brilliant Ideal Cut Diamonds are based on the design of the modern round brilliant cut diamond which features 57 primary facets and a bottom point which is known as the culet . Facet Design of a Round Brilliant Cut Diamond: The diagram pictured to the left provides a visual representation of a round brilliant cut diamond. The entire upper half of the diamond is known as the crown, the middle segment is called the girdle edge, and the entire...

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