Bridge pose

Enhance your yoga practice with the bridge pose. Discover tips, variations, and the many benefits of this rejuvenating yoga posture.
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Bridge pose, on the surface, seems like an “easy” pose. Early on in a yoga practice you may not think much of it, but as you practice it more and more you’ll see the subtleties that make this pose great for so many reasons. It can be adapted to many situations (and conditions) and it can be used for both a workout and a stretch.

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Ah, the almighty backbend. This pose is tough because it's a total body stretch. I mean, forget the spine flexibility required for a sec, and you'll see we also need ample space in the wrists, shoulders/armpits, and quads. Many of the common mistakes I see in other poses are just easy alignment issu

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Bridge (Setu Bandha Sarvāṅgāsana)

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