Brahma bull

Explore a collection of powerful and majestic images and artwork featuring the iconic Brahma Bull. Immerse yourself in the strength and beauty of this legendary symbol.
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The Brahman is a breed of hump-shouldered cattle with drooping necks and large, floppy ears. In the United States, Brahmans are sometimes called Brahman. In other countries, they are known by the …

Elena Brodskaya
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I am still playing with pastels, I seem to be drawn to them right now, probably because they are new! I am easily bored so I guess I need to enjoy this dusty journey while it lasts. I choose this subject matter just because I love animals but needed to do something not as heavy as my last draped still life. I am anxious to try many different subjects in this medium, it seems so forgiving and I love the painterly look it gives the pieces. I think the thing that is hardest so far is the…

Manda Nieuwoudt