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Embark on a mythical journey with these captivating books that delve into the world of Greek mythology. Discover epic tales and legendary characters that will transport you to ancient Greece.
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Mythology Books for History Lovers - Top Books to Read on Greek Mythology - For history lovers, there can be no doubt that mythology fiction books are some of the best books to read. Tying together the classical world with historical fiction tropes, mythology books are fascinating windows into both the past and the present. For your TBR list’s consideration, here are some of the best fiction books with mythology to read:

Meg N Wall
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Wait, there’s mythology and folklore that isn’t Greek?! I know, it’s a bit of a shock, but there is, and there are books that retell those myths and tales too! They seem to fade into the background a bit at the moment with the onslaught of Greek mythology retellings - and’s there’s no shade again

Jordiie Yarbrough